How to Store Thousands of songs on a Single Medium

The music CD is quite popular medium and thus far has out sold any previous medium for storing music by far. However, it does have certain limits. One of these limits is the maximum number of songs which can be stored on it. Typically a maximum of 20 songs can be stored on a single CD. However, since artists typically don’t release more than say 10 or 12 songs per album, this limitation is usually quite acceptable. In addition to music, a CD can also store data. Therefore, software is also often distributed on a CD.

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One way to increase the number of songs that can be stored on a CD is by using audio compression. MP3s want the most popular format for compressing audio. By using audio compression, the size of the audio file can be reduced by a factor of 10 or more. More advanced audio compression algorithms such as AAC achieve a fact of up to 20. That means that you can store up to 400 songs on a single CD.

However, CDs have issues with becoming unreadable when they are too many scratches on it. Therefore, CDs have to be stored very carefully. You always want to use envelopes to protect the surface of the CD. As an alternative, you can store songs on the memory device such as a cell phone.

By using a DVD you can store much more audio. A DVD offers higher capacity than the CD. However, a DVD is much more easily damaged than a music CD because the individual tracks on it are much finer than on the CD. I generally recommend using hard drive or solid-state device for storing music rather than media. Music which is stored on hard drive is much easier to access and is less likely to get corrupted over time.

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